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P&A personnel and Associates have extensive, in-depth experience that supplies clients with realistic and practical solutions to their needs and requirements. They consist of personnel with considerable in-plant knowledge and involvement in refinery, chemical plant, utility, steel mill and other specialized plant operations. They know what is needed, how it should be implemented, and how to work with operators as well as management. 

This group has had experience in problem-solving, establishing effective programs, helping clients understand treatment programs, and obtaining cost reductions. We help evaluate proposals, establish operating procedures and set up effective evaluation techniques. Also, our personnel have the knowledge and capability to provide training to operators, managers, and water treatment sales and staff. We have individuals with water treatment industry experience who know its activities, organization, service capabilities and what it can provide. 

Our staff is made up of both employees and associates. The associates are principally technical people with extensive, practical experience in specific industries or with highly-specialized capabilities. 

Our management coordinates the optimum expertise necessary to help our clients resolve the specific needs each project demands.


Paul R. Puckorius
President and CEO of Puckorius & Associates, Inc., has over 50 years experience in cooling water, boiler water and reuse water technology, specializing in corrosion, scale and microbiological problem solving, treatment selection and system start-ups. He has practical experience with industrial, refinery, utility power station systems, and HVAC systems. Paul assists plants with system audits, cost reductions, vendor specifications, reuse considerations, zero blowdown via softening, hazardous chemical elimination, development of conservation programs and the optimum utilization of water and chemicals. He has extensive knowledge and expertise relative to Legionnaires disease relating to investigations and Legionella control in cooling and potable water systems. Paul has worked with plants throughout the mainland United States, Hawaii, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and with those in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, and in England, Germany and France. He is a member of numerous professional societies and has published 150 articles in various technical and trade journals, and is a principal speaker at meetings and conferences.  He has received the Merit Award from the International Water Conference. Paul is past president of the Cooling Technology Institute and is listed in several "Whose Who" publications.



Puckorius & Associates, Inc. also utilizes numerous knowledgeable/experienced water treatment experts that have many years of industrial water work to provide additional support and capabilities.


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