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Puckorius & Associates, Inc. specializes in delivering water treatment consulting services to all water-using industries. We have no affiliations with water treatment suppliers and thus provide unbiased evaluations and recommendations to all clients.
Puckorius & Associates, Inc.
7828 West 90th Avenue
Westminster, CO 80021
Tel:  303-674-9897
Cell: 303-638-0587

Since 1976, P&A has provided complete and detailed advice to the industrial user. We have emphasized in-depth aid to the users of cooling water but also offer a wide range of services and assistance to users of cooling water, boiler water, wastewater, reuse water, and process water.
We have maintained long-term relationships with many clients, resulting in both direct cost savings for chemical treatment and indirect cost savings resulting from energy savings, capital cost postponement or avoidance, lower maintenance costs (other than water treatment chemicals and field service), and increased productivity.

Water Systems Expertise: 
Cooling towers, Closed cooling, Once-thru cooling, High pressure Boilers, Low/Medium pressure Boilers, Waste water, Water Preparation, Potable Water, High Purity water, Fire Water, Reuse Water, and Process water.

Industries Covered:
Utility Power Plants- Fossil and Nuclear, Petroleum Refineries, Chemical plants. Metal Processing, Automotive, Electronics, Paper mills, Hospitals, Commercial, HVAC and others.

Some of our capabilities include:
  • Source Analysis
  • Conceptual Design
  •  System Analysis
  • Material Balance
  • Analytical Testing
  • Process Treatability
  • System Trouble-shooting
  • Analysis of Alternative Process Methods
  • Bid Evaluation
  • System Start-up, Instruction, Trouble-shooting
  • Corrosion, General Studies
  • Zero Blowdown System Design
  • Material Selection
  • Blowdown Treatability Studies
  • Reuse Water, System Design
  • Energy Conservation
  • System Audits
  • Bid Specification Preparation
  • MIC Determination
  • Equipment Inspections
  • Cooling Tower Inspections
  • Deposition Studies
  • Legionella Control

Puckorius & Associates, Inc. provides the following services: 

  • Water Audits 
  • Evaluation of industrial water treatment programs for cooling systems, heating systems, cogeneration systems, hvac systems 
  • Water conservation and water reuse
  •  Legionella bacteria prevention programs
  • Development of generic chemical programs to address cost reduction 
  • Development of programs for water reuse and recycling
  • Corrosion investigations, failure analysis, and root cause analysis 
  • Development of procedures for equipment remediation and cleaning 
  • Expert witness or litigation support
  • Potable, fire, high purity waters and water preparation
  • Microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) mitigation


P&A frequently works with clients who require us to work closely with their current or potential water treatment suppliers. We assist in evaluating treatment programs and services offered or being used. We help in obtaining the most economically effective programs relative to the system metallurgy and operational characteristics.

P&A provides marketing and technical services to specialty chemical firms, water treatment suppliers and consulting/engineering organizations. We assist them in understanding the water treatment market and its needs.

We believe our unique blend of analytical skills, combined with effective communications, enhances our client's ability to make appropriate and timely decisions. The benefit of this approach is the conservation of human resources and expenditures.

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Chemical Manufacturer: Provide continuing consulting on all utilities at all facilities nationwide: problem solving; evaluation of proposals; projects on cooling, boiler, and wastewater. 

Fortune 500 Manufacturing Company (11 facilities): Cooling system audits, treatment specification preparation and recommendations, training seminars and/or operational training manual preparation. 

Geothermal Plant: Development of softening and silica removal programs and corrosion and deposit control programs for high salinity cooling water. Inspections, quantification of corrosion/deposition and monitoring program development.

International Airport: On-site consulting service for central heating and refrigeration plant. System includes cooling towers, closed chilled water and high temperature hot water.

Litigation Support: Expert witness for case development for damages claim associated with water treatment and Legionnaires Disease Outbreaks.

Metal Smelter: Corrosion investigation, water system audit and treatment recommendations. Performed an analysis and assessment of the impacts and effects of the current process water sources on the smelter facility and operations. The effects were evaluated to qualify and quantify the impacts, associated costs, and effects to the facility life cycle. Provided an evaluation and cost assessment of the effects and benefits of various improved water qualities.

Municipal Water Reuse Program: Development of a water chemistry monitoring and oversight program for use of municipal reclaimed water by an institutional water user. Development of a handbook for users of reclaimed municipal water. Presentation of seminars to municipal water reuse clients and prospective clients.

Petroleum Refinery: Cooling water system audit and treatment recommendations for improved corrosion control of mild steel tubed heat exchangers.

Steel Mill: Cooling and reuse water system audit and treatment recommendations.

Utility Plant: Cooling system audit, design review and treatment recommendations. Optimizing sidestream softening and zero discharge, redesign of water systems to protect cooling system and reduce water requirements.

United States Air Force: Writing and preparation of "tri-services" industrial water treatment manual for cooling and boiler water system operations.

United States Army: Industrial water treatment surveys at various Army installations to investigate scaling and corrosion problems in potable water, high and low pressure steam boilers, hot water boilers, steam distribution systems, cooling towers and chilled water systems. Recommendations made for proper chemical treatment. Conducted training workshops.

University: Development of cooling system water treatment specifications, development of Request for Proposal, and assistance in evaluation of water treatment service company proposals, assistance with vendor interviews.

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